"Whoa! How did you do that?!"

It's the moment we mix engineers live for.


You've sweated over the mix.

Done everything you can to make it great.

And now you anxiously await the artist's response.


Suddenly there it is —

and it's better than you dared hope for!

"Whoa! How did you do that?!"

"My first reaction was shock, because of how much better the mix sounded!"

They're astonished.


You've achieved what they literally thought impossible...


A kind of audio sorcery.

"You're a wizard — I love it, love it, love it!"

"It actually gave me goosebumps! I wanted this song to soar, and now it does!"

"I'm speechless! The chorus hits like a fist!"

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

...how often have you actually had mix feedback like that? Once? Twice? Ever? And it's especially frustrating because you've already been mixing for a while, yet the reactions to your work remain stubbornly lukewarm. You feel stuck, as if those kinds of responses simply aren't attainable in real-world project studios like yours.

But what if I told you that all those quotes were reactions to real home‑studio mixes?

Yes, I know they sound fake, like those testimonials you'll often see from "Jon F. (Minnesota)" or "Kermit D. Frog (Muppetville)" or whoever... But these ones are actually genuine artist responses to mixes from my own modest home studio, which I crafted using exactly the same kinds of affordable software tools you're using.

Don't take my word for it, though — they're all taken from Sound On Sound magazine's 'Mix Rescue' column, so go ahead and click on any of the quotes to read about my whole mix process (they're all different songs), and about the real clients who could scarcely believe their ears. Real artists. Real bands. Real mix magic.

"It sounds 10 times as big as the original!"

"You're a legend -- I'm ecstatic with the results!

Over more than a decade I've shown I can repeatedly get these kinds of reactions working in project studios just like yours. So let me help you inspire that same wonder and amazement with your mixes, and teach you the battle-hardened salvaging, editing, and processing tricks I've used for years to overhaul the most challenging of mix projects.

All in my new online course...

So what's the secret?

I'm often asked how I achieve such 'night and day' transformations in my 'Mix Rescue' remixes, and fundamentally it boils down to two things. First you need a reliable mixing system. Then you need a specialised bag of tricks.

Now, if it's a mixing system you need, then check out my book Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio, which has been the leading step-by-step mixing primer for more than a decade.

But if you're still reading on now, then I imagine mixing fundamentals aren't really your problem. You're probably already creating pretty reasonable mix work, but you just feel you're missing that 'wow' factor, the ability to transcend a multitrack's flaws and deliver results that genuinely seem too good to be true. That seem simultaneously exhilarating and baffling.

That seem, in a word, magical.

"You are truly a wizard. It feels as fun as playing live through a big PA!"

"This mix is outstanding, we all listened to it and were blown away!

"The difference is vast! It now sounds exactly as I always imagined it could.

And that's what Mix Magician's Toolkit is all about — surging through those final roadblocks that have been preventing you from truly astonishing your mixing clients.

  • Learn to salvage flabby kicks and toneless, ringy snares, and maximise the punch and life of even the most heavily compressed drum sounds.
  • Achieve super-airy vocals without abrasive harshness or painful sibilance, repair spongey electric guitars, and revive dead-sounding DIs.
  • Discover how to avoid common mix-translation pitfalls, so the client's playback system doesn't sabotage your hard work.
  • Find out how to fight back against the tough balance problems that render your compression powerless.
  • Invisibly correct wrong notes, wind blasts, pick noise, mouth clicks, hissy fades...

So join me now... and let's make some mix magic!

Core Bundle

  • More than 25 fully-scripted video modules packed with practical audio demonstrations.
  • Project downloads for every video.
  • Screenshots of all plug-in settings.
  • Audio exercises with specimen answers to compare.
  • Extensive additional resources: bonus videos, tutorial podcasts, in-depth articles, road-tested plug-in tips...
  • Self-study course — learn at your own best pace!
  • An exclusive Cambridge-MT community where you can share questions and advice.
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Premium Bundle

Everything in the Core Bundle, plus...

  • Bonus 'Multi-purpose Band Recording' mini-course.
  • An individual hour-long coaching session with me to help you maximise your mixing impact!
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"Yeah, yeah...

But everyone and their dog offer courses these days.

So why should I choose yours?"

It's a fair question. So you're entitled to some straight answers...

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