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I'm Mike Senior, and this is where you can find out about my educational resources, studio services, training products, and best-selling publications.

Free Mixing Resources!

Raw Multitrack Downloads

Practice your mixing with free downloadable projects that are compatible with any DAW software. Choose from more than 400 songs in different musical styles.

Freeware Recommendations

My first-hand freeware tips, including the 'Mixing Secrets' Freeware Top 10. Plus you'll find plenty of tips for recording and monitoring hardware besides.

Hundreds Of Mix Critiques

Read more than 500 in-depth production critiques of commercial music releases in my weekly 'The Mix Review' blog, including both classic tracks and the latest chart hits.

Free Recording Resources!

Compare Microphone Techniques By Ear

Hear more than 400 microphone positions on 16 instruments to fast-track your own on-session recording choices. Instruments include kick, snare, cymbals, upright bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, grand piano, upright piano, clarinet, flute, sax...

Complete Band-production Case Study

Follow me through an entire band production, from initial planning, through recording and mixing, all the way to mastering with Ian Shepherd.

Best-selling Music-production Books

Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio

A complete mixing primer, based around documented techniques from more than 160 of the world’s most successful producers. Ever wondered how I can achieve such dramatic Mix Rescue transformations using ordinary mass-market gear? This book shows you how, with a logical, step-by-step workflow.

Recording Secrets For The Small Studio

A complete recording primer, based on techniques from more than 200 of the world’s greatest producers. Full of power-user tips specially adapted for small rooms and limited budgets. If you’ve been listening to Mike’s Session Notes recordings, then you can read in depth about his recording methods here.

Music-production & Training Services

Recording & Mixing

Bring me onboard for your next production to achieve truly competitive results no matter how small your studio!

Expert Production Feedback

Need an experienced second opinion on your mix? Then try my Flash Feedback and Production Critique services.

One-on-one Coaching

Improve your studio skills with individual training -- either in person at my studio (or yours), or remotely via hi-res livestreaming.